Saturday, October 18, 2008

Divorce Details Already Negotiated


It has only been two days since Madonna announced that she and Guy Ritchie were getting a divorce and true to Madonna style, a lot has already happened.

First off, Madonna made a not-so-subtle reference to her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Guy, when on the same day of the announcement, she performed a show in Boston and dedicated the song "Miles Away" to the "Emotionally Retarted." She then added, "Maybe you know some people who fall into that category. God knows I do."

Guy's father, John Ritchie, responded to her on-stage comments by saying, "She is being beastly. She's calling him an emotional retard. When he's being bashed by her it's horrid."

The last straw in their marriage is said to have been when Madonna made Guy decide if he would leave London to move to New York. He chose not to and that was it. The gloves came off.

Guy immiedietly made it known that he did not want a dime from Madonna. He just wanted their kids (or at least their son Rocco) to remain in London. Madonna on the other hand, wants all three of her kids, Lourdes, Rocco and David with her in New York. It looks like Guy won't be putting up a big fight on the custody front though, as she would most likely win that battle in court. He will probably go along with the idea of the kids living a New York/London life as long as he has full access to the kids.

And now The Sun is saying that the couple's divorce is already settled, aside from the kids. Guy will be getting their 1,200 acre country estate, their London pub The Punchbowl and a cash settlement to cover their London properties. Total value will be around $60 million. I'd say that is a little more than a dime but who's counting?

A source said, “The negotiations were relatively painless. Guy knew what he wanted and Madonna knew what she was keen to keep. There was a spell when Guy was in a mood to dig his heels in, but he decided this arrangement seemed reasonable and a long battle over money would make life unbearable.”

Considering that they didn't have a pre-nup, Madonna got real lucky.

As for who will get custody of the kids, that remains to be seen. But they are expected to reach a compromise.

In the meantime, Guy is planning on getting his groove on with the ladies. The source said, “Guy has always been very popular with women. They have thrown themselves at him throughout his marriage but he has always been utterly faithful. Now it’s all over he plans to have a little fun — something that has been missing from his life for far too long.”

I'm sure that there are an endless amount of chicks out there who would like to sleep with the man who's been sleeping with Madonna for the past ten years. Mythology baby.


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