Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Would Rachel Save?

Even though I don't feel all warm and fuzzy about Rachel Zoe, I'm still watching the Rachel Zoe Project because lets face it, fashion is my weakness. So, I have to watch and I can't stop myself. I suppose you could compare it with a person being addicted to watching porn.

A good friend of mine insists that I would like Rachel because she's "nice," but I can't hang with anybody who uses the word "bananas" to describe something. Anything. I just can't.

So, back to why I'm still watching the show. This clip pretty much sums up why I watch. It feeds my addiction.

You know, watching the show last night did bring a question to mind though. If Rachel's house was on fire and she could only save one thing, would she save her career or would she save her marriage?

R.I.P. Roger.

Side note: Roger looks like a slightly better looking version of Todd Oldham, no?



Photo credit: Jillian Babbitt

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Anonymous said...

Rachel thinks she's all that and a bag of chips. She's more like corn nuts.