Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ooh La La No More Scientology

The fashion forward country of France is saying that it's not fashionable to be blackmailed into being a Scientologist.

The country may soon be banning Scientology all together.

Will that mean no more shopping trips with Victoria to Paris? No more Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Cartier, Christian Lacroix or Celine for Katie?

ABC News is reporting that the Church Of Scientology faces a fraud trial in Paris and if the "church" loses, it could be banned in France all together.

Miviludes, a French government agency that is in charge of protecting the citizens of France from cult manipulations, has warned citizens against joining Scientology.

The president of Miviludes, Jean-Michel Roulet, said, "Scientology is a dangerous movement. It puts pressure on its victims, it tries to intimidate them and blackmails them."

The French are very skeptical of so-called religious organizations that requires its members to pay money. Roulet says that Scientology members pay upwards to $40,000 in their first few years.

Daniele Gounord, a spokesperson for Scientology in France said, "It is possible for members to pay that amount within a few years. It is possible, if a member is willing to progress fast."

To that Roulet said, "This does not fit with the French mentality. At church you are free to give money or not. We are not used to religions in which you have to pay for everything."

There is lots more to the story if you want to continue reading here .





The Scientologists still under the mind control of the anti-God Cult’s Ronbot staff, still have not received full disclosure on the facts that Ex-Scientologists now know about THE GREATEST SCAM ON EARTH!!.

The Ronbots still in the Anti-God Cult are not allowed to question ANYTHING and are not allowed to research anything. Yet they are encouraged under the Fair-Game policy to hurt, harm, sue, slander, attack, hit, abuse, libel, lie, scam, rob, etc. or even kill Ex-Scientologists who dare to expose the facts and the truth.

These Ronbots—now called ZOMBIES AND SCILONS by the non-ex-scientology public, are used as sacrificial lambs by the Cult to open groundless and frivolous lawsuits only designed to destroy and make the ex-Scientologists afraid to expose them.

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scientologysucks said...

They make me sick. Suck it L. Ron!

no12u said...

Viva La France! Scientology is a dangerous cult and corrupt criminal racket. It should have it's religious status removed and return to the new age section of the book shelves where it belongs. Sorry 'bout that new agers...