Wednesday, September 17, 2008

O'Neal And Son Arrested


The Ryan O'Neal family has had a long long history of substance abuse problems, as most of us already know. Just this week, Tatum O'Neal was talking to the world via the Oprah show, about her recent arrest for trying to buy crack on the streets of New York.

And as of this morning, Ryan, along with son Redmond (Farrah Fawcett is his mom), were both arrested for possession of meth. Or as they say, suspicion of possession. Redmond was found with it and a vile of it was found in Ryan's bedroom.


A side note: Is it just me or does Redmond look like his ex-brother-in-law John McEnroe?


There was been a probabtion search at Ryan's home in Malibu early this morning, as a follow up to Redmond's previous arrest from last year, involving possession of heroin and meth and driving under the influence in Malibu.

They pair were taken to the sheriff's Malibu-Lost Hills station where they are being held, pending a $10,000 bail.

The O'Neal family needs one giant intervention and a long stay of nothing but group rehab, family style.

Where's Dr. Phil?

If you'd like to read more about the family's arrest records, you can do that here.


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Anonymous said...

How did Farrah have such a homely child? He does look like the Mac. What did Ryan sprinkle on these kids cereal in the morning instead of sugar?