Tuesday, September 16, 2008

'Ms. Zoe Is Already A Pox On Humanity'

Rachel Zoe and her new show, “The Rachel Zoe Project, just got a big spanking from The New York Times and I have to agree with them.

What is so innovative and fabulous about the fact she is recycling fashion? She's not the first person on the block to do that.

And does she live in reality? Doesn't seem like it when her motto is “Live now. Live every day like it’s your last day. I don’t understand saving for the rainy day."
That's funny because it did rain into her studio, all over the gowns, and she almost shit a cow. I can't imagine that Oscar de la Renta would be willing to accept a Fendi sectional sofa as payment for the rained-on dresses.

Maybe Rachel would "understand" it more if she ever turned on CNN and noticed that the country is falling apart, the banks are being shut down and people everywhere are losing their homes.

Who doesn't like to shop and have goodies but acting like there are no limits is just kinda gross and insensitive. It's not like she doesn't remember the camera is recording her.

One last thing...Who died and made Rachel's assistant Taylor, feel as though the Earth would have no electricity without her?


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fashion diva said...

can't stand this woman!