Saturday, September 13, 2008

The New Matt & Ben


Since Sarah Silverman is still F*CKING Matt Damon and in case you didn't hear, Jimmy Kimmel dumped Ben Affleck, poor Ben had to go out and find himself a new love. A new "Matt." So, he's F*CKING Matt Schulze now.

And ooooooh it's some good luv'n.

Juuuuust kidding. These are some photos of my bestie, Matt Schulze, on set with Ben Affleck.

They are working on the comedy "Extract," a film written and directed by Mike Judge. Matt has a great cameo in the film and they've been working all week.


The film also stars Jason Bateman, whom I love, along with Mila Kunis.

I didn't take these photos myself. I don't visit Matt on set while he's working. It's his job and I respect that. Just like all of my other friends, I don't go visit them at their jobs either.

I'm really excited about this movie though. Not only because Matt is in it, but also because I think it's gonna be super funny.

Side note: Not only does Matt have to work late tonight, but he also has to be up at the crack ass of dawn to race in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon with his Ironman crew buddies tomorrow morning! He's crazy!

Good luck Matt!!!!!!! Go get'em tiger!


Photo credit: Flynet Pictures


A harmless addiction said...

mattie looks cute with hair.
His softer side.

Chloe said...

Matt is hot hot hot! I loved him in the Transporter.

510NBLONDE said...

I was at the triathlon adn got some smokin' snapshots of him. He is quite the hot man! I have to be honest...I knew he was in Fast and Furious but couldn't remember his name. He is so nice and I hated to bug him to take a picture with me, but....smokin'!!! Tell him the tall blonde who almost stalked him says hi and to check out his facebook inbox!