Monday, September 8, 2008

A Little More Drama In The Hills. Finally.

The Hills got a little more interesting last night. Even if lots of it IS fake, there are a lot of elements to their lives that I don't believe they are capable of faking. They're not that great of actors. I think that we could all agree on that. Otherwise they wouldn't be on The Hills. Ya know?

After driving past the Bolthouse offices abut an hour ago, I was reminded again of just how nauseating Spratt is. I don't think that it's just for show that he's always at home playing video games. It took Heidi's sister moving in with them to get the troll to actually get dressed and leave the house. Too bad the only place he had to go was to see Heidi at work so he could whine to her about her sister erasing his Tevo recordings.

I think what he really meant to say to her was that he wants to be able to lay around all day and watch TV, scratching his ass while playing Grand Theft Auto. All of this of course, without having to feel bad about himself because the jig is up with Heidi's sister there to witness his useless waste of space on Earth.

On to the other Spratt, Stephanie. This girl could do everyone a big favor by not playing the role of victim anymore. 'Everybody hates me. Nobody trusts me and I don't know why? Wah Wah Wah.'

And why is Lauren friends with her anyway? I'm all about being cordial with people but inviting the sister of your sworn enemy into your inner circle? That's only gonna cause negative controversy no matter how you look at it. But maybe that is what she's looking for. What better way of getting back at your enemy than becoming best buds with a close relative?

It was interesting to see Brody be sort of human and serious for once even though he came off as a jerk. But then again, maybe Stephanie deserved it. I guess we'll never know though cuz their past lives weren't previously recorded.

Oh, and Brody's arrest. Woo hoo! This is the first Hills arrest, isn't it? About time. It's not a reality show until someone gets arrested.

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