Monday, September 15, 2008

Just Say NO To Drugs!


I don't write about the daily disasters of celebrity drug addicts because really, what's the point? It is depressing to watch someones life fall apart. It reminds me of watching an insect who has just been sprayed with bug poison, die a slow death. So, I try to stay away from it.

But this really struck me for some reason. Over the weekend, there was a party set up for Amy Winehouse, in celebration of her 25th birthday. Her friends were there, her parents were there and even Mark Ronson was there, the music producer who I thought had given up on her, with good flip'n reason.

The only person who was a no show was Amy. The hours passed as they all waited with presents, balloons (no, not those kinds of balloons), a cake and still...No Amy. They finally figured out that she wasn't showing at around 2AM.

My question is, what was everyone thinking? The photo of Amy above was taken only two days before the "party." Why were they even having a party in the first place? What's to celebrate? That this may be her last birthday?

If they wanted to do something for her, why didn't they hold an celabratory intervention instead? I don't get it. It's all so sad. This girl does not look like a 25 year old. She looks like a beat- up old hag. I can almost smell her dirty hair from the photo.

Amy is a huge talent. You can't argue with that. It's a shame she is wasting her life away. Doesn't Britain have the same sort of conservatorship deal that we have for these situations (ahem) in the States?



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