Monday, September 22, 2008

Emmy's Show A Big Stinker Plus We Don't Care Who You Are Voting For

The Emmy's were terribly terribly boring last night. I kept wandering in and out of the room because all I could think about was everything else I could be doing. It couldn't hold my attention. I don't think it could hold any one's attention.

I have to mention this before my head pops off and goes rolling down the street...

I am also SOOOOOO sick of certain celebrities, mostly actors, using any public platform possible to try to make themselves look more informed, serious, smart and more important than they actually are, by forcing us into listening to their "worthy" opinion on politics at the most inappropriate times. Give us a break.

Getting up to receive an award for their work as an actor should be simple enough. "I'd like to thank my family, my agent, my manager, my director, God-Jesus-Buddha-Mohammad-Cap'N Crunch, and my 1st grade teacher who saw something special in me just by the way I cut my construction paper and oh oh oh yes, my fans. I can't forget my fans."

If they wanted to add in thanking our Troops for always having our backs in order to ensure our over-all freedom as well as the freedom to be an actor in the first place, that would be appropriate.

And then they should blow some kisses and get off the stage. Easy, right? Appropriate, right?

The question is, what in the hell do politics have to do with someone winning an award for acting? The answer is...NOTHING.

An awards ceremony isn't a soapbox. That wouldn't be appropriate in any other professional work-related awards ceremony. Can you imagine? How weird and awkward would that be?

Probably just as weird and awkward as when they do it.

If certain celebrities feel that the general public is having problems with figuring out who to vote for in the next election , I've got a hunch that "the people" have a list of ways in which to get informed. Like by reading the newspaper, reading books, researching on the Internet, going to rallies, debating with friends and loved ones and turning on the news. I doubt that tuning into the Emmy's would be on that list.

Save it for swag week.


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