Thursday, August 7, 2008

*UPDATE* Murder Suspect Confesses From Lil' Kim B-Day Bash

The employee at Spotlight Live who the NYPD arrested today as a suspect in the murder of Ingrid Rivera during Lil Kim's birthday bash has confessed.

The NYPD is saying that the employee is 24 year old Syed Rahman, a guy who has worked at the club for 4 years.

Apparently, Rahman confessed to hitting Rivera on the back of the head with a lead pipe.

Police say that Rivera who was a huge Lil' Kim fan paid to get into the party/club. Rivera brought Lil' Kim flowers that she never ended up giving to her. While she and her friend were at the bar drinking, they started chatting with Rahman. After Rivera accidentally walked into the men's room, she was kicked out of the club. While that was happening, Rahman talked Rivera's friend into going up on the roof by telling her that Rivera was up there. The friend alleges that after she went up to the roof, Rahman put the moves on her. She blew him off so Rahman went outside and found Rivera and told her that he could get her back inside the club.

Police said that Rahman then brought Rivera in through the employee entrance and took her up to the roof using the service elevator. After they got up there, he hit her over the head with a lead pipe and she died immediately. He then shoved her into the utility closet.


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