Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In The Hills

If you watched The Hills last night keep reading. If not, maybe you want to skip this post until you've watched it.

First of all, I didn't think that it was possible for Spatt to become more un-likable, but it is. The pouting couch potato acutally made Heidi look better. Sort of. He was so rude and obnoxious to Heidi's sister who came for a visit.

If someone treated my sister the way that he did, he'd be back out on the street along with his video games. But I'd also never be living with a loser like that. Get a job Spatt.

And I guess Heidi's sister wants to be on the show too cuz it looks like she's moving to LA now. If MTV is paying and all, why not?

Lauren finally ( sort of ) stood up to mean girl Lo for Audrina. Lauren has ignored all of the outrageously rude comments that her BFF makes, but this time gave her at least a little attitude back. Since Lo couldn't handle introducing herself to people with mohawks, she went upstairs to pout in her room during the party. It would have been great if the crowd would have put her on the spot and insisted she chug a beer bong. Then push her in the pool.

After a long time coming, it was nice to see Audrina put Lo in her place. It was enough to make a girl cry but since Lo didn't really mean it when she said that she really wanted her and Audrina to become good friends, it wasn't surprising when she didn't shed a tear. It just gave her some fuel to run back to the house to tell Lauren how mean Audrina was to her.

Lauren was wondering why she has been in such a dating dry spell? Maybe they take one look at her best friend and run. I'm sure she wouldn't have such a hard time finding guys if she hung out with Audrina more. Ya think?

And of course Whitney remained Switzerland and was her usual cute self.


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Melanie said...

No sure if I can keep watching the hills. It's getting ridiculous.