Thursday, August 14, 2008

*MISSING* 16 Year Old Malibu Twins

Twin 16 year old sisters have been missing from Malibu since Sunday.

The twins, Mary and Morgan Corrodi, are both developmentally disabled, with the mental capacity of 12 year olds. They still play with dolls and live at home with their adoptive parents, Jack and Kay Corrodi. They girls attend Malibu high school and are in special education classes.

Their parents have not seen them since they were home on Sunday but according to reports, the twins were seen getting into a car with 2 other females on Sunday.

According to their parents, the twins look older but act younger than their age. They are fearing for the worst. Their fear is that they may have met someone on Myspace or Facebook. The Corrodi's say that the girls could easily be mistaken for being in their 20's.

Jack Corrodi said, "They just wouldn't stay away for a couple of days."

The Corrodi's have been in the news over the years for having adopted 16 children.


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