Thursday, August 7, 2008

Going To Lil' Kim's Birthday Party May Be Dangerous To Your Health

A 24 year old woman from Queens who attended Lil' Kim's b-day bash on Sunday was found dead 3 days later.

Police have identified Ingrid Rivera as the victim that was found in a utility closet on Wednesday at around 5 PM on the roof of the nightclub Spotlight Live in New York City where the party was held.

The New York Times reported that Rivera who worked for British Airways at Kennedy Airport, had left the party when she was asked to leave by a bouncer after using the men's bathroom instead of the ladies bathroom. Who hasn't done that before?

Rivera's cousin 18 year old Lizbeth Estrada who was not at the party but spoke with friends who were with her cousin said, “She was pretty tipsy,” and that “the bouncer picked on her."

Estrada also said that after getting thrown out, Rivera and a friend were going to go to another club and started to get into a taxi with some other girls but that the two girls got out of the taxi because her friend who was not identified “didn’t want to get into a taxi with three girls she did not know.”

The friend decided to go back into Lil Kim's party leaving Rivera outside. Nice friend. Estrada said, “her friend was immediately admitted and went inside without seeing what happened to Ingrid," and that “the last time Ingrid was seen she was talking to the bouncer.”

The police think that the killer was probably familiar with the layout of the building because of where they found the body. They also believe the Rivera was hit with a blunt object, possibly a champagne bottle and left for dead.

The birthday bash was attended by musicians, actors and other famous people. Rivera's cousin said, “Ingrid was so excited she even bought Kim Flowers."

That's really sad.


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