Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Glitter Won't Fly

You may not think that you know who he is but you do.

Gary Glitter, the English pop and rock singer, who in 1999 was convicted in the UK for downloading 4,000 pornographic pictures of children on his laptop, is now listed as a sex offender there, some how ended up in Cambodia where he was permanently evicted in 2002 for suspected child sexual abuse offences, then re-located to Vietnam where he applied for permanent resident status in 2005 but was arrested later that year while trying to leave the country, was tried and convicted of child sexual abuse ( he had sex with girls starting at the age of eleven ) and remained in prison there until now.

The Vietnamese reduced his 3 year sentence by 3 months on appeal in 2007. He was released yesterday from Thu Duc prison in Vietnam. While in prison, he gave an interview with a Vietnamese newspaper where he said that he wanted to move to Hong Kong or Singapore after his release.

In anticipation of his release, the Philippines barred Glitter from entering their country in May.

After being released yesterday, Glitter was escorted by police to the airport in Ho Chi Minh City, where he was to board a plane back to London (where he does NOT want to go) via Bangkok. In Bangkok, he claimed that he was having a heart attack and refused to board the plane to London, despite the efforts of Brittish police that were accompanying him.

Glitter demanded to be allowed to stay in Thailand or another Asian country. Thailand has refused him entry but he remains in the Bangkok airport. Refusing to leave.

They may have to use force to get him on the plane.

So, here is the million dollar question that I have had floating around in my head for a long time now. Since he IS a CONVICTED child sex offender in MORE than one country, to say the least, WHY is his song, "Rock and Roll part 2," still played at almost every sports event across this country? WTF? It makes me sick to my stomach every time I hear it.


Glitter boarded a plane heading to Hong Kong. They don't want him there either, so I guess he'll be hanging out in their airport for a while too.



Danny said...

This guy is one sick bastard. It would be nice if he wasn't allowed to land anywhere. Ever!

David Gerard said...

They could always send him to the Moon ... but they don't want him either.