Wednesday, August 13, 2008

27 Miles Of Scenic Beauty

OK. So, I headed out to visit a friend in Malibu and the next thing I knew, a few days had passed and I was still there. This was not planned. I got swept into the Malibu vortex. Have you heard of it? The Malibu vortex? It has a super strong magnetic force that literally does not allow you to leave the parameters of the 27 miles of scenic beauty. Even if you want to leave, you can't. You can't take your eyes off the ocean and it makes you say things like "Leave the door open. I want to listen to the waves while I sleep," or sometimes it even makes you utter words like, "Do you have any Margarita mix?" It's so weird. I would never ever normally say things like that.

Who am I kidding, I didn't want to leave. I didn't intend on goofing off for a few days because I just got back from an extended vacation but what can I say? Shit happens and my old Malibu habit dies hard.

I used to live there a long time ago and sometimes the vortex still sucks me back in.
Anyway, I just got home and will try to get caught up on my posting. Been getting a lot of flack for the lack of new posts during the past few days, so I'm sorry about that but I'm back now.

Mama needs to have a little fun too sometimes.

The only star sighting I had was Rick Springfield at Zuma Sushi, which sucks now by the way. But I did meet Jim Morrison's old roommate, witness a drug deal going down in the parking lot at Point Dume and watch Japanese tourists eat fried seafood for breakfast at Paradise Cove. Ewww.

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