Monday, July 21, 2008

You Can Have My Ex

Jo De La Rosa, the former non-wife of The Real Housewives Of Orange County and Slade (douchebag name) Smiley, her former ex-fiance also on the show, are now starring in their very own reality show on Bravo beginning tonight.

Date My Ex: Jo & Slade, is based on finding a man for Jo who is now living in LA while pursuing a singing career. Jo's friends are going to be setting her up on dates. At the same time, any potential suitor will have to live with Slade (oh, lucky them) while Slade decides who is the best candidate, worthy of his Jo.

Make me barf. First, on Real Housewives while engaged to Jo, Slade wanted her to clean the house in a french maids costume. After they split, he started managing her "career" and now he is supposed to pick her new man? Like John Stossel says, "Give me a break."

Nobody can give it to her like you can Slade. You're the best. So, why don't you save some time and just pick yourself? You know you want to Glade.


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