Sunday, July 13, 2008

*UPDATE* Angelina Had The Babies For Real This Time

OK, she really did have them this time and there is a confirmation, trust me.


Angelina gave birth by C-Section at Lenval hospital in the beautiful seaside town of Nice in the south France on Saturday night.

Angelina and Brad had a son weighing in at 5.03 pounds who they named Knox Leon.

They also had a daughter that they named Vivienne Marcheline, who weighed in at 5.0 pounds.

I have a feeling Ang picked her name cuz Brad isn't much into anything "old fashioned." He is into Ang though. That's for sure. I like her name. Little Vivi.


Congratulations to the Jolie-Pitt tribe.

I'm sure that Angelina's mama, Marcheline Bertrand, is smiling down on all of them.


Now kids, all of the presents have been opened. Are you ready to eat now?


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