Friday, July 18, 2008

Uber Wealthy U.S. Tax Cheaters Getting Busted

Remember this man's face. You probably won't ever see it again. His name is Heinrich Keiber and he has just outed a lot of super rich people for being tax cheats across Europe and in the United States. I can't imagine what the price on the bounty for this man's head is.

Heinrich Keiber was a disgruntled computer technician who worked at Liechtenstein's LGT bank. He downloaded all of the names and secret documents and sold them to tax authorities in the U.S. and Europe.

The bank is owned by Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechenstein. Liechtenstein is a really, really, really, really small country between Austria and Switzerland. It doesn't have it's own airport, if that gives you an idea.


Wealthy Americans have been using LGT bank in Liechenstein, to hide their money from the IRS for years. Prince Hans-Adam has always imposed on his bank to abide by it's strict secrecy policy. "Liechenstein is regarded as one of the most secret places in the world", said John Christensen, International Secretariat for International Tax Justice.

One of the richest men in Los Angeles, 48 year old Peter Lowy who owns Westfield Malls (yes, those Westfield malls that are plastered across America) along with his family, was named as one of the people hiding some of his fortune in LGT bank.



Keiber testified yesterday by video-tape from an undisclosed location. He has gone into hiding under witness protection. This guy has made millions already from selling the information but he also stands to make 30% of all of the money that the IRS can collect from the people who have been hiding their money there. That is BILLIONS of dollars! Hello!

The prince of Liechenstein is really pissed off at Keiber and is accusing him of being a thief. My only advice to Keiber would be to get a excellent plastic surgeon who could completely change his face!



A harmless addiction said...

wow. good stuff.and really like the label of this post!!
I'm gonna link you right now sally!

Anonymous said...

I love heinrich keiber,. the rich are fucking the average person in the USA like they are dirt, spending their money on killing little babies overseas,. lying in the media 24 hrs a day,. I consider this to be the begining of the end of the high tech mafia (check out AKAMAI technologies and Daniel Lewin :)

Anonymous said...

I knew his sister Carmen a long time ago - gutsy family and something out of the Bourne Trilogy - way to go Heini!