Sunday, July 6, 2008

People Shot Outside Of Hollywood Clubs

A TMZ cameraman happend to be walking to his car in Hollywood this morning at around 2:30AM, when he saw a man getting shot about 4 or 5 times. The cameraman saw the shooter, a black male wearing a hoodie, jump into a car and drive off. There was a black Hummer next to the escape car that appeared to be connected with the shooters car. The license plate of the escape car is 5YDN747.

The victim is in critical condition. There was also another man who was shot several times but appears OK.

There are a few Hollywood clubs around Sunset and Ivar where this happened but they are not sure which club they were coming from or how this all got started. It seems to me that this got started at home when the shooter and/or his friends made the choice of leaving home with a loaded gun. I hope the cops get this guy.

The TMZ camerman filmed the shooter driving off.



Anonymous said...

5YDN747 isn't the correct plate.

macshill (chris mccaw) said...

TMZ did a world of service filming the getaway car. Now they have a solid lead on who did it. BRAVO to TMZ for helping solve a crime! :-)