Monday, July 21, 2008

NBC Gives Us Their 2 Cents On Leno

Following Jay Leno's statement (See earlier post from yesterday) about being done with NBC, they have issued their own sugar coated comments.

Jay's last day as hosting The Tonight Show will be May 29, 2009. So nice of them to let Leno know when his day of reckoning is coming.


Conan O' Brien's first day at the desk as Leno's replacement will be June 1.

NBC cochairs Ben Silverman and Marc Graboff fielded questions at the Television Critics Assn. gathering today to reporters.

Silverman said, "We really believe in the decisions we've made with our partners, including Jay."

Jay? Did he say Jay? How much input do you think NBC gave Jay in the decision making?

Rick Ludwin, NBC's chief late night programmer added to it by saying, "The Tonight Show has a remarkable history rich in tradition. We're proud of each and every show Jay has shared with America as we look forward to Conan carrying on that outstanding tradition next year."

I can just picture how Jay's last yearly evaluation went with NBC. "Jay, we are SO proud of each and every show that you have shared with America." Jay's response, "Gee thanks guys. That's great. Really nice to hear." Then NBC says, "Oh and Jay, you're fired. Any input?"

I don't think that we will be hearing any more comments from Jay or any response to what NBC said today. It's not really his style.


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