Monday, July 7, 2008

Me On The Red Carpet

My little niece was over at my house yesterday and made this picture for me. She said, "This is you on the red carpet." How does a 7 year old know what a red carpet is? I guess if anyone would know, she would. She has become quite the little fashionista in her own right. I think that is something you are born with. She put on a few different fashion shows yesterday, coming out of my room with a new outfit each time. She even found my big afro from Halloween and put together what she called "her hippie look." After she left last night, I found my make up and jewelry all over my vanity. A fashion icon in the making.


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Slug Bug said...

"Thank you very much!" says the fashionieceta, also known as fashion queen! with screams that only a 7 year old can do.