Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lynne Spears Accidently Killed A Boy

The National Enquirer is running a story that Lynne Spears accidently killed a 12 year old.

Britney and Jamie Lynne's mom has been carrying a secret around for a long time. In 1975, while Lynne Spears was driving her brother to the hospital after he suffered an injury, she hit 12 year old Anthony Winters who was riding his bike. Anthony lived on the route that Lynne was using to take her brother to the hospital.

Anthony Winters died later on at the hospital. Lynne was 20 years old at the time.

Lynne's rep said, "Anthony Winters and his friend were in the road on a curve on a bicycle. As Lynne rounded the curve she could not avoid the boy in the street as there was oncoming traffic in the opposite lane."

Lynne's rep also said, Lynne realized the boy was struck immediately and to this day is grieved by the Winters’ loss of their son.“

A Spears family friend said, “To this day, Lynne hasn’t gotten over what she did. She gets that terrified look in her eye when she is thinking about it. She has told only a few people about the accident and always says, ‘Please don’t think I’m a bad person.’”

That is really sad and an impossible thing to ever get over.


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