Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do We Need More Friends?

Now that they are talking about making a Friends movie, I think that there are only 2 different ways that it could work.

The first scenario would be a movie where Ross had finally come out of the closet. He leaves Rachel for a guy named Duke and has unleashed the leather chaps that he's always dreamed about wearing. He still has the same job as a Paleontologist, but hangs out at The Mother Load when he gets off of work. Rachel has become a stay-at-home mom to 3 children, wearing capri pants and sweat shirts. Since Ross has left her for Duke, she has found herself trying to get back into the working world. Ralph Lauren won't have her anymore so she is left with being a mommy blogger along with trying to get a job at Ladies Home Journal, as a fashion consultant. Joey has 2 children from 2 different women but he still isn't married. He is currently living in New Jersey. His acting career has fizzled out but he survives on residual checks from his past jobs and has opened his own small business called Tribbiani Mattress Store. Joey stars in all of his own commercials. Monica is still a chef and works in one of the best restaurants in Manhattan . Only, she is fat again. Really really fat. It ended up being very hard and stressful to be around all of that food all of the time and not eat it, but she has currently joined Jenny Craig. Monica, Chandler and their daughters moved back into the city to be closer to Monica's work. Everyone still doesn't know what Chander does for a living but knows it has something to do with numbers. He has to travel all of the time. Chandler has become a compulsive cheater and because of all of the lying he has to do to cover his tracks, his anxiety level is higher than usual which consequently has caused him to pick up Monica's OCD habits. Phoebe has become the most successful of all. She is still married to Mike and they have 2 kids. After giving birth to her first child, Phoebe started making her own vegitarian baby food for her kid. When a friend of Mike's parents heard about it, he offered to back her in her own company. She took him up on it and now she is a billionaire, with her baby food selling world wide. The name of her company is called "Nothing Was Killed For This Baby Food."


The second scenario would be to just make a movie about Phoebe.



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