Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Audrina Speaks

Audrina Patridge gave an interview with the Los Angeles Times and gave the scoop on she and Lauren and Lo's relationship. There still seems to be tension there but I think that Audrina is probably just trying to be polite.

This is part of the interview:

Is Lauren your friend?

We live together, so yeah, we see each other a lot while the show is taping. Sometimes I see her when it's not.

But is she your friend outside of "The Hills"?

We don't have a lot of the same friends, but we try to reserve one night a week to hang out. In the fourth season, you'll see our fight gets cleared up. Basically, I just start doing my own thing separately from her and Lo [Lauren Bosworth], and I get busy. But you know, things change and friendships do drift apart sometimes. Lauren and I aren't not friends, we're just not as close as we used to be.

What about Lo? Do you blame moving in together with her and Lauren for the rift in your relationship?

I do think living in that separate guest house of mine was definitely the cause of the tension between Lauren and me. We were used to being right next to each other in our apartment. I don't really blame Lo, she and Lauren have been friends for a long time.

I don't care how long Lauren and Lo have been friends. Lo is a passive aggressive snotty little twat.


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