Saturday, July 12, 2008

Angelina Jolie Gives Birth To Her Babies!!!!

Or not. Well, maybe she did. But I don't think she did. Wait, she did just give birth and the names have been released.

No. No, she didn't and no they were not.


Everyone needs to take a chill pill. Angelina will have those gorgeous babies when they are ready to come out and yes, we will all know about it in due time.


I can't believe the circus going on around it all. Imposter's getting their photo's taken in hospital rooms pretending to be Angelina and Brad, WTF? Announcements that they have been born and then sorta kinda having to retract those announcements. People are acting like it's the second coming of Christ. What is gonna happen after the little ones get here? Um, nothing. Except for the $16 million dollar photo session, and then nothing. People's lives will not be altered and global warming will not be slowed down because they got here any quicker.


So, what is the big hurry? It will be like Christmas & Hanukkah. Can't wait to get the presents opened. Can't wait! Can't wait! CAN'T WAIT! Ah, and then their all opened up. The wrapping paper is still on the floor, you have given it all a quick second look over and now you're just wondering what time you're going to eat.


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