Friday, June 13, 2008

Urban Legend

As you drive the streets of Hollywood, you see a lot of this. Sneakers flung over power lines and telephone wires. I've heard a lot of different explanations for the reasons behind it. Someone sells crack on that corner, somebody threw them up there after they lost their virginity, they were stolen and the people who stole them are bullying the person they stole them from by flinging them up there, someone was killed there, it's gang turf or there is a drug den near by.


Are any of these urban legends true? I have no idea. Maybe somebody will enlighten us one day by writing a book about their life as a shoe flinger. I do think that it takes some skill to get'em up there. Maybe it's people from the track and field team.


If anyone out there is a former shoe flinger or even a current shoe flinger, we'd love to know what it means.

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Anonymous said...

good post sallie!
I'd love to know too!