Saturday, June 21, 2008


Earlier this week a video of John Graziano (the guy who Nick Hogan almost killed in his car) was shown on TV but they blurred out his head injury. They said that it was too graphic but I was thinking that out of everything that they already show on the news, how bad could it be? I was wrong. I just ended up watching the uncensored video and I am stunned, to say the very least. My jaw is still on the floor and I feel sick to my stomach. God bless this guy.

All I have to say is that Nick Hogan should be extremely ashamed of himself for whining because he has to spend 8 months in jail. Poor baby. It looks like a grenade went off in this guys head.

I'm not posting the video but I am posting the link to the video.

WARNING: Do NOT watch this video if you do NOT want to see half of a man's skull missing.
Graziano's" hole


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