Friday, June 27, 2008

Uma Is Getting Hitched Again

While Uma Thurman's cheating ex Ethan Hawk has traded down in the social circles to a nanny, Uma has traded up to a mega wealthy hedge funder. Uma is marrying a dude from across the pond, Arpad Busson. Arpad surprised Uma earlier this week with a mambo big rock and she said yes.

Arpad was in a relationship for a long time with the beautiful Elle Macpherson which produced 2 children. It has been rumored that Arpad, a devout Catholic, ended up not wanting to be married to a divorcee, (meaning Elle who is also Catholic) even though they had 2 kids together and that is why they broke up. I guess it makes more sense to him to marry a 2 time divorcee who was raised Buddhist?

Like I've always thought, love is love. Excuses are just fluff.


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Anonymous said...

This is how I'd like to see all relationships play out when one spouse decides to cheat on the other.