Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tori Spelling & Her Husband Dean What's His Name Take Over The Skies Of Los Angeles?

I don't know if you can see it very well through my windshield but, in this photo before the wind hit it, it said "TORI + DEAN" . I first noticed this note in the sky yesterday when I was walking down the street in Beverly Hills. I figured that, I don't know, maybe Tori Spelling and her husband Dean what's-his-name were having lunch in BH and that he had paid someone to do this while they were dining alfresco? Who knows because I just made that story up, but the sky in Beverly Hills did say "Tori + Dean" .

I would have never given it a second thought unless I had not seen this note up in the sky two more times. First, when I was driving back from Malibu today and then later again while driving on the 4o5. WTF? At this point I decided to take out my camera. The wind had blown most of it away but if you look real hard, you can still see part of Dean's name. That's the best I could do while trying to drive on the 405 and take a photo with my giant Nikon at the same time!

Did anyone else see this?


jenny m. said...

I can kind of see it.

Sara said...

I can see it. That's the most airtime of Tori and Dean I will see. Unless of course Val Kilmer's on the show!

Dear Gabby said...

Sarah is funny:)

Anonymous said...

He did it again today! Tori & Dean

Anonymous said...

Yes. I saw it. All over Hollywood and Los Feliz and Silverlake.

Tori & Mother may I sleep with danger are coming back to Hollywood. Yes!!