Thursday, June 12, 2008

Team Dr. Drew!

I love Dr. Drew Pinsky. I've listened to him on KROQ over the years if I happened to be driving in my car on a Sunday night. I think it's funny how they usually have a guest host who is acting totally obnoxious while Dr. Drew is trying to answer some callers question from Rancho Cucamonga about "why does it burn when I pee after sex?".

I couldn't get into the Loveline show he did on TV with Adam Corolla, but I did watch Celebrity Rehab, which made me love him even more. Anyone who can put up with Jeff Conway and his vampira girlfriend, deserves a medal.

But now Tom Cruise has sent his guard dog lawyer to chew the ass off of Dr. Drew. The Doc had made an analogy about "people in the pubic eye who behave strangely" in next months Playboy magazine and made a reference to Tom Cruise.


And for that, Tom's lawyer Bert Fields is comparing Dr. Drew to a Nazi. Sounds a little bit like the pot calling the kettle black to me because weren't Nazi's that group of people who denied another certain group of people the right to freedom of speech, among other hideous crimes?

Tom has gone after Brooke Shields, Matt Lauer and NOW Dr. Drew. Who's next?


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