Monday, June 23, 2008

Surfers Take On Paparazzi in Malibu...Again

The paparazzi were at it again at Paradise Cove yesterday. I don't think they get it. They're not wanted on the beach. Maybe they get it now? The Malibra Boys went after them again. Throw'n punches and beer bottles (oops no beer allowed on the beach either) at the how-did-they-get-a-U.S.-visa paparazzi. This time a chick got involved holla-ring "You wanna piece a me? Get the f*ck outta here!". Jump back gurlfriend.

I remember the good old days when there was never a paparazzi on the beach. Just the occasional old pervert wack'n off while watching us sun bathe. Eww.

Here are a few more video's of a relaxing day at the beach.

Link below of second video
[video via tmz]



tsonic said...

" This time a chick got involved holla-ring "You wanna piece a me? Get the f*ck outta here!". Jump back gurlfriend."

Yea, considering that is assault, and legally they would have the right - that I would support fully - to knock her down in self defense. This is not gender discriminatory, and the price of equality.

Yeah, they might not be wanted, but it is a public beach. Get over it. The territorial nature is out of control, and from what I understand, these "undesirables" take better care of the beach than you guys (yeah, throwing open containers around is protecting the beach. Pollution makes the beach pretty. and I am Mickey Mouse.), and while they shouldn't be stalking, have every right otherwise to be there.

Dear Gabby said...

Thank you for your comment Tsonic.I appreciate your opinion.

I do know someone who was there at the beach and what I didn't say was that one of the paparazzi pulled out a knife and cut a guys hand. Maybe I should have mentioned that. If I had been there and had had a beer bottle, which I wouldn't of had because I don't drink alcohol at the beach, I probably would have thrown it at them too...and then thrown it in the trash can.

I am not a litter bug. My friends are not litter bugs. We have actually walked up and down the beach to collect trash, on more than one occasion, with the Surfrider Foundation. This is also something we do in Laurel Canyon on "Clean Up The Canyon Day".

As for the territorial issue, that has been "out of control" since before Jesus walked the Earth.

Lots of Love,