Saturday, June 21, 2008

Surfers Beat On Paparazzi

The Bra Boys of Malibu got gnarly on the paparazzi today at one of my favorite beach's, Paradise Cove. The razzi were there trying to snatch some footage of Matthew McConaughey surfing. The Malibra Boys starting pounding on a few of the razzi. Too funny. Matty did not get involved but I'm sure he had a big ol' smile on his face. Everyone assumes that surfers are of the peaceful kind, but they don't mess around. That's their turf.


Beach rules: NO Vals and fur-sher NO paparazzi.

Video link of the pounding below.
[video via tmz]


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I had a vision...
I say make a sport out of paparazi hunting.
Offer monetary awards for beating up paparazi. Make a sport out of watching them get beaten just as they have made a sport out of hunting celebrities.