Saturday, June 28, 2008

Scott Weiland On The Same Level As David Bowie

Huh? Where have I been? I didn't know that Scott Weiland was on the same level as David Bowie and Keith Richards. Did someone call Bowie and let him in on this? He might want to know that he's got some competiton to reckon with.

Chris Lee, a writer for the LA Times, had the unfortunate and disgusting task of having to interview the Stone Temple Pilots in May. Actually, it was only unfortunate and disgusting that he had to interview Scott Weiland.

Lee was interviewing STP right before Weiland was supposed to head off to jail for an 8 day sentence, from his DUI charges. This is what Lee had to say along with the interview.

So, in light of that, I asked him a question: “How disruptive has it been on band unity to have you going to serve jail time just before reuniting onstage for the first time in five years?”

His reaction was visceral and emphatic: Weiland spat a huge green loogie on the wall that dripped down just behind bassist Robert DeLeo and his brother, guitarist Dean DeLeo, who, it must be noted, played it off like nothing had happened.

The rest of the exchange went like this:

Where’s your head at right now just before going to jail?

All these questions are …, man. Who do you interview? To what level?

A lot of famous musicians. Not Michael Jackson-famous, though.

Do you interview Keith Richards? David Bowie? Do you interview people who over a 20-year career who aren't...born-again Christians? Who aren't part of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir?

Um , yes. A lot of those guys. I interviewd Bowie but not Keith.

Then you should know our contribution is music, you know? This is the problem with the press. Are you part of the paparazzi?

I write for the Los Angeles Times.

Is there a difference anymore?

Well, the paparazzi don’t write. They take pictures.

I’m not so sure, man. Rolling Stone is borderline these days.

If I’ve said something that put your nose out of joint, I apologize.

My nose isn’t out of joint. I live my life the way I live my life. I don’t have to make any apologies. I just find it a little hilarious that you’d ask such a question.

Cccchh-www-thhsptttt [Weiland spits on the wall].

And now we know what Scott Weiland's wife Mary must go through on a daily basis.

Medication. Medication. Medication.



Anonymous said...

soon to be EX-wife sallie.

Shangri said...

haha! I love this man! and I love him more when he gets to put an angry face on people! that's my man!!!

Anonymous said...

The reporter is obnoxious and he deserved it. Just ask him about the music - these are stupid questions to ask someone facing a personally trying time. What kind of an answer is he supposed to give to that? "It's a bummer" ?

Anonymous said...

מה את מפגרת? מי את בכלל ? קאטלק את טוב שהורידו לך את הבלוג יא מאפנה