Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just Putting It Out There

For all of you secret head bangers who love Guns' N' Roses like me, you may already know that they have lost guitar player Robin Finck. Don't worry, he didn't die. He just abruptly left the band but nobody really knows why.

I realize that some people don't consider the current GN'R with Axl only to be the real deal GN'R. But I have seen the original GN'R, the current GN'R (Axl and crew) & all of the original GN'R without Axl (Shooter Jennings stood in on vocals) and I love them all.


Two of my friends are in GN'R now. The first one is Richard Fortus (rhythm & lead guitar) and the second one is Frank (THUNDERCHUCKER) Ferrar (drums). I had lost touch with them for a long time because they both lived in New York and life happens and shit happens and you lose track but we got back in touch with each other about a year ago.


I had known Rich for a long time. Rich had played with The Psychedelic Furs. After the Furs disbanded Rich started another band called Love Spit Love with Richard Butler and Frank (THUNDERCHECKER) Ferrer.


The band came out to LA to record their album which was also called "Love Spit Love". That is how I met Frank. I was going through a hard period because my best friend had been killed, so hanging out with them while they were here recording was the perfect distraction. Plus, Frank is one the the funniest people that I have ever met in my life. We were all hanging out at the Bourgeois Pig on Franklin one night and one of my friends Tim kept trying to get us to go to this party.

My friend ( I use the term loosely- turns out he wasn't much of a friend after all) had been working on an Aerosmith Video and Alicia Silverstone was in it. I'm pretty sure that he had a crush on her even though she had a French boyfriend who didn't bathe (He smelled. I knew him) and was way older than she was (a kinky vegan). Anyway, Alicia was having a party and Tim was hell bent on getting us there. He begged us until about 1 in the morning at which point we gave in.

He kept telling us that she owned her own house and lived by herself. She was like 16years old and I wasn't buying it. So, we drive up to a neighborhood off of Mulholland and now it's after 1AM. We find her house and there are NO cars around but the lights are on. None of us wants to go in but Tim. I'm saying no-way-jose but he won't let up. We all get out of the car and walk up to the front door. All of us stand next to Tim as he knocks on the door but as soon as the door starts to open, we jump to the side and leave Tim standing there alone. Mrs. Silverstone opens the door. Not Miss Silverstone but MRS. F-ING SILVERSTONE, Alicia's MOM! She sees that the rest of us are hiding and invites us in. The family, mom, dad, brother, Alicia and her stinky old boyfriend are cleaning up after the party. The party is OVER. Alicia says "Hey Tim, what are you doing here?" This is where Frank steps in. Before Tim could say a word, Frank says "We told Tim that it was too late to come to the party but he just insisted on coming. Tim really wanted to see Alicia!" The look on Tim's sweaty face was priceless. I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing right there. Ya know, that kind of laugh that is uncontrollable in certain embarrassing situations? I think that I laughed all the way home. It is probably one of those you had to be there things but Frank is one of those guys that can make you laugh til you cry or pee your pants, which ever comes first.

So, why am I telling you stories about all this stuff? It's because of an idea that I had and I believe that if you put your ideas out into the Universe, it helps to make a dream become reality. My idea is that it would be awesome if I could have 3 friends in GN'R.

As I've told you before, my friend Matt, Matty Matt, my BFF, Mr. Schulze or whatever you want to call him is a very TALENTED and AMAZING guitar player. He has studied and played since he was very young and he FUCKING ROCKS! I've posted a video up of him playing so in case you missed it, go back to the post and watch it.

Now follow closely because this is the part where I'm probably going to get into deep caca for opening my big mouth. If I go missing, you'll know why. JK. Matt auditioned for GN'R. I can't remember what year it was but it was a long time ago when he was filming "The Fast and The Furious". He had JUST broken up with his girlfriend, was filming all these crazy stunts HIMSELF (idiot-they don't pay enough for oops we ripped your arm off) , was moving to a new house and it was just all around bad timing, when he went in for his audition. He didn't do very well. His nerves were shot and he was exhausted, so he sent them Rich Fortus instead. Well, you know the rest of that story.

So, there is now another opening for a guitar player.

I'm sending this out to you Axl. Or Del. Or whomever. BRING MATT ON BOARD. You will be happy that you did!


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