Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ice T Fires Back At Soulja Boy

First off I want to say that my BFF Matty Matt Schulze has worked with Ice T and thinks that he's a cool dude and Matt doesn't say that about a lot of people. With that said, I still think that Ice T is waaaay the F off the mark by going after these kids, Soulja Boy.

Ice T made a video that someone sent me last night, to respond (or what eva u wanna call it) to the previous video that I posted from Soulja boy responding to what Ice T had said previously about them. Whew, I'm outa breath now.

In this new video Ice T slams them again, basically turning himself into "Cyrus" and Soulja Boy into the "Warriors" trying to get back to Coney Island, by insinuating that the ENTIRE Hip-Hop community, the "Orphans", the "Baseball Furies" and the "Riffs" are going to be hunting them down like dogz. No where to run to baby, no where to hide. And then he tries to be a little bit nice in a whacked out sort of way after already putting the word on the street to f*ck their sh*t up. But then goes on again to say that he is done with them. WTF Lipton T? Are you that bored or just that mean?


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charlie girl said...

Ice T is one ugly son of a bitch.