Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hollywood Closing Up Shop For A While

The end is near. As of June 30, if the Screen Actors Guild does not get it together with their contracts, the strike will happen. It will take a miracle at this point for the strike not to happen. As much as I do believe in miracles, I don't see it happening in this case. They need to iron too much stuff out.

One of the things that needs to be changed along with DVD and internet sales is that SAG could be a little bit more fair to their actors. SAG makes soooo much money off of their bottom feeder actors that it's not funny. Top feeder actors who make $2 million, $10 million or $20 million or more a year are paying the same union dues of $6000 tops, as the bottom feeders who are making a few stinking commercials or having bit parts and getting paid at least $500 thousand a year. Do the math. How is that fair?


The cap on union dues is crazy and makes no sense to actors who do not make as much money every year as say, Julia Roberts. Variety reported today that George Clooney put his 2 cents in by saying "If someone makes $20 million, they pay $120,000 into the union." What that means is actors pay $6000 for every $1 million they make. It makes the playing field a hell of a lot more fair than it is now. George went on to say "That could go a long way in helping pensions and health care." D*mn straight it would.

But like I said, it's gonna take a "Miracle on 42nd Street" for this strike not to happen. Looks like we are all in for a whole year of Reality TV. Lord have mercy.


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