Monday, June 9, 2008


That beautiful man Johnny Depp turned 45 today. F-ing 45! Can you believe it? He still looks pretty damn amazing if you ask me. I miss those Viper Room days. Although, I don't think that I had as much fun there as my bestie Matt Schulze did. He always hung around for the after parties. Matt was good friends with everyone there. A very crazy bunch of people. I didn't really know everyone as well as Matt did and at the time, the Viper Room was impossible to get into to. So, I would only go if I was going with Matt or Brad Pitt (believe it or not, we used to run in the same crowd) because in that case, I got to walk right in. I'm not one to stand in the line of shame in hopes of getting in somewhere. If I don't know people, I won't go. I have no idea why people stand in those lines anyway. They don't let people in who stand in line. The line only represents two things: Hopefuls who think they might get in and a line is always good for a clubs rep. You dig?

So, back to Johhny. Why did ya have to go and move to France anyway?


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Check out how gorgeous Johnny's daughter Lily-Rose is...


And here is a very old school photo that I've had of Johnny and Bruce, circa 21 Jumpstreet. Bruce worked and traveled the world with Johnny for MANY years. Truth be told, Johnny actually stole his "style" from Bruce. Johnny would literally take the clothes off of Bruce's back if he wanted to wear Bruce's outfit instead of his own. Matt has also been very good friends with Bruce for many years.



Anonymous said...

paparazzi scum bag sally...
pics of the children.
hope there at the grove!

Dear Gabby said...

oh sallie. they ARE at the grove!