Saturday, June 7, 2008

Do Celebrities Do Background Checks Anymore???

Celebrities like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow have been working out with Tracy Anderson lately. You may have noticed Madonna's vein-popping-pecs. Attractive?

Tracy Anderson has been called a "dance guru" , a "fitness guru", a "secret weapon" and a "fitness revolutionary". What she has yet to be publicly known for is being a "con-artist".


I had only known her before as having conned one of my close friends, but it appears that she has been conning others as well.

[photo via rex features]

It doesn't take much these days to find out about someone, thanks to our friend Google.

Once a celebrity adds you to there "top five", are you forgivin' all of your past sins? Because Madonna said so, does it excuse you from lying and cheating your way up the golden ladder, to the arly gates of guru status? Don't gurus' believe in Karma, or is it just the name of there sothie at Jamba Juice?


I don't know, maybe I'm the only one who uses Google to check out that hot guy I met out at Hyde, to see if he really did direct that Janet Jackson video! And if he didn't and was lying I would know, cause there's page after page of articles and posts and even a mug shoot. I might think twice before spending a ton of QT with him!

So, it brings me back to the point of why would someone lets just say Madonna, not do a bit of research on her guru? Or, does the need to look good out-weigh what's on the inside?

Here's a little Google for ya:

There is a lot more out there too. I didn't need to Google the troll though because I've already known that she was a con for years.


Lisa-Marie said...

Why is it that people like Tracy get so much good stuff out of life (fame and fortune and a spot on Oprah) when they are deceptive, skanky crooks? Why? WHY? I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

You are really funny. People are getting fit with her workout, and nobody can make you to give them your money. p.s. she even talks about this on her website... idiots

Anonymous said...

she looks good all airbrushed up..but butt ugly without all the ''help''.