Monday, May 26, 2008

Sallie & Jason MR A-Z

This is Sallie and her BFF Jason Mraz. Not a very good quality shot because I took it with Jason's pass around Polaroid camera after his show at the Troubadour one night. Sallie is probably going to hate this photo and hate me for using it. Sorry Sallie.

Sallie and Jason have been friends for a loooong time, since they met at that "Fame" school of the arts in New York. Sallie used to be a singer (she still should be cuz her voice rocks) and she and Jason became fast friends because they are both very silly creatures by nature.

Before Jason became famous (way before) , Sallie asked me to go with her to some random bar (Rusty's Surf Ranch WTF?) on the Santa Monica Pier to listen to her friend sing. You have to do this kinda shit all the time when you live in LA and I'm thinking that this is really gonna suck. Most of the time when you get suckered into going to see one of your friends friends play it DOES suck. But I went along with it because I'm sure that I had asked her to go somewhere with me before that she really didn't want to go to. And there was an Arby's in Santa Monica that we were headed to first. And we both loved Arby's.

When we got to Rusty's there were like 10 people in the whole place. I think 9 of them were Jason's friends. When Jason got up on stage by himself with his guitar and began to entertain us, I was hooked forever. I couldn't believe that this kid wasn't signed. He really was amazing and I had a sinking suspicion that a few of his songs were written about Sallie.

After a few more years of going to see Jason play almost every week at little dive spots around LA, he was signed and the rest is history. I found this video a while back of Jason playing to a crowd in Sweden. This shit is crazy. Their first language is NOT English, yet they are singing along to every flipping word!

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