Saturday, May 24, 2008

Movie Star Matt & Orson At My Place

Photo property of Hollywood Hills Life

This is Matt. The one and only fabulous MATT SCHULZE from movies like The Fast And The Furious (Vince), Blade 1 (Crease) and Blade 2 (Chupa the blood sucking vampire), The Transporter (Wall Street), Torque (Henry James), Mr. Brooks (Thorton Meeks) and a bunch of other stuff.

Photo property of Hollywood Hills Life

Matt is my best friend so I am probably going to be promoting the hell out of him here on my blog. Best friends do that kinda shit shamelessly, right? This photo is of Matt and Orson (his doggie, my God-doggie) at my place. I will probably also be posting a lot of photos of Orson too because he is just so beee-u-ti-ful!

Photo property of Hollywood Hills Life

My best friend is very talented and I don't think that many people know that he can play the guitar like a mofo. Check out this video of him playing with David Bowie's drummer.

I have been trying to talk him into putting a band together for a while now. It's hard because he has been working really hard on his new project "The Acquirer" which he is writing, directing and starring in one of the worlds first webisodes (I may have just made that word up). He shot it like a movie, only he did the whole thing in High Definition which looks awesome.

Check it out because you can watch the whole thing for free on . Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan) and May Andersen (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Addition) are also in it. Matt and Tom are amazing in it but to be perfectly honest, May sucks. Oh well, what can you do? She was not the first choice and the original actress had to bail out because of a contract that could not be undone. The clock was ticking and Matt did the best that he could with finding an 11Th hour replacement. At least May is nice to look at.

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Most of the first episode (webisode) was filmed in Paris and the footage is so gorgeous. I'm really proud of Matt. He did an awesome job. Not many people could pull off what he did with the budget, crew and time that he had to work with. If you only knew...


They have been advertising "The Acquirer" Episode 1 as a action genre . I don't know why. Maybe because Matt has played a lot of action characters, but it is not so action based. There are fight scenes but it is more about introducing you to his character Lucien and the path that he is on as an international jewelry thief. It is more of an artsy-thriller because Matt is very visual.

In the meantime, I'm just going to keep bugging him to get a band together. Maybe he will find the time at some point.




Den said...

I agree that Matt needs to get a band going. ;-) I saw the first Acquirer episode and it really was quite terrific.

Co-Owner Matt Schulze.Info

Thomas Doisy said...

Héhé, nice blog.

Congrats to your friend Matt for his very good.. hum.. how to say.. the problem when you are french.. except the fact that you are french is that sometimes.. you don't find the word. I just wanted to say Matt is a great actor, it's simple.. and fast.

And I hope for you he will have the time to.. make a band with you :P

Friendly, from France.
(Don't hit me..)

josefine said...

hi my name is josefine and i am a huge matt schulze fan...he is a great actor and i love watching his movies. also, i saw his video when he plays the guitar and its fantastic and i wished i could hear more music from him. please tell him i said hi and i wish him all the best in his life!!!