Sunday, May 25, 2008

Come On Out Lindsey

Tis' the season for lesbo love. It's very popular to be a wanna-be lesbian in Los Angeles these days. This has been going on for a while now and I think that it's going to be a while for this fad to crash. I'm not sure how the real lesbians feel about this but something tells me that they don't mind one bit. It just opens up the playing field a little more.

Everytime I go out, I see girls hanging all over each other , grabbing each others crotch and tits and kissing and tonguing each other. These are not lesbians that I'm talking about. I see these type of girls doing it ONLY if there are guys around to watch. I guess that they think that they are being so shocking and so daring. In my opinion, their just stupid tramp ho's. I see them all the time on Myspace too, with endless photos of themselves making out with their friends. I'd love to see what would go down if a real lesbian got a hold of them. Do you think they would still wanna play make-out?

WTF are they thinking? It just seems like a means to an end to get what they really want, which is attention from some dude. Makes no sense to me.

I just got off of the phone with my friend Sallie (this is NOT her real name but I call her Sallie and she calls me Sally) and she told me that I should write about "how come nobody is getting it that Linlo is munching on Samro's carpet?". Hellooo? You don't have to live in Hollywood to know this stuff do you?

Sallie and I both have our own sources that are very good sources and we know that Linds is playing at being a big lesbo. Linds has been lesboing around town for quite some time now, even before Samro.

But THIS is serious. CNN breaking news kind of serious. <-- I hope you know I kid. These two are shacking up now and seeing that it's legal in California to get married and all, shouldn't Linlo make an honest woman out of Samro? Or is she just playing to get Wilmer back:)

Sam the true blue, could do so much better than that Red Muffin. Don't you think?

Can you get pregnant from a strap-on?

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